Thursday, May 12, 2011

Offers not crediting?

If you're on a windows -

Open up your internet browser.

Click the buttons, (and hold), 'CTRL' + 'ALT' + 'SHIFT'.

A popup will appear, with a bunch of stuff. Tick the 'cookies' and 'cache' ones. Then, click clear.

If you're on a Mac -

Open up your internet browser.

Click the buttons, (and hold), 'COMMAND' + 'ALT' + 'SHIFT'.

A popup will appear, with a bunch of stuff. Tick the 'cookies' and 'cache' ones. Then, click clear.

Congrats! What you just did was clear your cookies. Clearing cookies is like clearing your history. PrizeRebel checks your 'cookies' to see if you actually got to the finish page of the offer. If you clear all your cookies before doing the offer, PrizeRebel can find the specific 'cookie' they need, faster. Once you've done this, I suggest redoing the offer.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Maplestory NX and Great Offers to try out!

Oh yeah. I guess I forgot to mention, you can get Maplestory NX too. And Astros. And ... PSN / XBOX360 LIVE points. So this site is a hunk of all the best prizes ever. Notice, the name : PRIZErebel.

So, in order to help you guys out, I'm going to make a list of some nice and quick offers. Act fast, though, because these offers might expire!

 (To find these, go in the offers section. On the bottom of the list, there should be a 'search offers' tab. Click it. Type in the keywords I provide, and do the offer.)

Cold Sores
General Mills (This one might be expired)
Vindale Research

I'll update another list every week. Stay tuned!

Get Minecraft Now

You might be thinking that this is an utter completely waste of your time. It isn't. Continue reading below.

What IS PrizeRebel?

So, I've been using a website for a while, known as PrizeRebel. If you already know what it is, I know you're probably thinking, "I HATE SURVEYS!!!" or something. If you don't know what it is, PrizeRebel is basically a website in which you do short, simple surveys and you get points. These points can be used for exchanging a WIDE variety of items, including Maplestory NX, Astros, and pretty much anything you can find on Ebay and/or Amazon. Pretty amazing, huh?

Is completing a survey EASY?

This is where 50% of people run away. They think surveys are difficult. But, they're not! Theres a large PrizeRebel community in the forums section, and they constantly make guides to certain surveys. And, if none of the surveys you've completed credited, you can always look in the 'Recently Credited Offers' section. But, you probably won't know what I'm talking about unless you check out the site for yourself. Have a look around, there are plenty of guides inside the website itself.

How do I get Minecraft, though?

So, you've heard this whole thing. You most likely want MINECRAFT, riiight? It's easy. Minecraft is rougly $10 - $13 (depending on if you live in USA or Canada). So, you'll need about 15 points, to be safe. Each point is roughly $1. And usually 2 or 3 surveys give around 1 - 1.2 points. I usually do about 3 - 6 a week (which isn't alot, I know. I'm busy with school.) You guys will most likely get Minecraft, if you're dedicated, in 2 weeks. I can guarantee it.

Additional Help?

If you need any additional help, you can PM me, or reach a user on the forums. I'll provide a list of links below. Have fun!

Links : 

PrizeRebel Testimonials (Pictures proving legitimacy)

PrizeRebel FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

PrizeRebel Forum

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